Trellis Grant Assistance for Coops and More

DEADLINE: Friday September 16

Get funding through Trellis Grants. The application is easy. WCCA members get free support to fill out the application just contact Nicole.
Phone/text 707-502-4585


Time needed: 20 minutes

Check the boxes for coop development and small business development up to $10,000 each. We recommend requesting the maximum amount. Below are sample narratives, you can customize for your needs. 

Narrative for coop development:

Funding for cooperative  development services provided by the Cooperative Agriculture Network LLC, including the Cooperative Cannabis Academy training, bylaws development, cooperative business plan and ongoing technical assistance for cooperative development.

Narrative for small business development:

Funding for small business development including business plan, branding development, budgeting, marketing development, client management, and technical assistance for business development.

For reference: income limit by family size. 

(1) $67,450
(2) $77,100
(3) $86,700
(4) $96,350
(5) $104,050
(6) $111,750
(7) $119,450
(8) $127,200