Bigfoot Cannabis Co.

Huge diversity of products from local farms in Willow Creek

Colin Adams

What made you decide to open a dispensary in Willow Creek?

Willow Creek is the Northern Gateway to Humboldt. People used to arrive in Willow Creek and stop and ask, where can I buy local cannabis? We needed a store. I wanted it to be a local community entity for small farms like myself and others. I knew if I didn’t do this, someone else would, and they might be an out-of-town corporate entity.

Tell me about Bigfoot Cannabis Co.

Bigfoot opened on June 1, 2022. We’re a 1500 sq ft facility with a micro-business license: manufacturing (non-extractive), distribution and retail. We’re really excited to do regular farmers markets to promote local farmers.

We carry local and we don’t sell any indoor, we don’t need to. It’s the right thing to do to grow in the sun in this climate.

We have our in-house brand and through our distribution license we also sell our Bigfoot brand  to other shops regionally. Our new gummies are a big hit, and are now available on the coast.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy seeing the diversity of products across the local farms here. I like to see how the farmers’ different methods translate into unique flower, how their character translates into their packaging and brand. I enjoy visiting farms and seeing the whole experience form plant to package.

What’s the top question that  customers have?

They want local flower, often sativa.