Golden Gardens

Sun powered, earth nurtured, hand touched cannabis.

Jill and Tyler Forman
Owner Operators

Tell us about Golden Gardens

We’re growing a small garden in the mountains of Willow Creek after living for years in the Bay Area. I find the discipline, challenges and community needed for this lifestyle to be fulfilling and rewarding.

How do you grow?

We source top quality organic plant nutrients and keep our soil alive with a diverse microbiology. We supplement with compost teas to help feed the soil biology which breaks down the nutrients so the plants can uptake what they need and want. We foliar feed (spray) trace minerals for added stress immunity and nutrient uptake capacity. During our second round we remove all the top plastic so the plants receive not only full sun during the day but also the amazing stars and moon at night. By far our biggest quality input is our time, spending quality time with the plants through their life catering to their needs. Manicuring and removing unneeded branches and leaves at appropriate times so sun and air can penetrate the canopy, making sure soil moisture is optimal and supporting branches when needed. At harvest we hang whole plants so trichomes are preserved as best as possible and we dry, cure and store in a climate controlled space. 

What’s your favorite strain?

Wedding Cake because it’s fun to grow, has a pungent gassy aroma and helps me chill out in the evenings.

If you weren’t growing, what would you be doing?

We’d be working and living on boats somewhere warm.