Our mission is to support our community and enhance awareness of the exceptional cannabis products crafted in the Willow Creek region and surrounding mountain communities.


Riley Morrison is the co-owner of Emerald Queen Farms with his wife Hannah. Emerald Queen Farms is located in the mountains of Northeastern Humboldt and cultivates cannabis with clean water and organic fertilizer in native soil.

Linsey Jones is a mother, wife, cultivator and the CEO of Aloha Humboldt, a 141-acre estate farm in Northeast Humboldt growing organic full-sun craft cannabis with a focus on regenerative practices. She has 22 years of cannabis cultivation experience.

Judi Nelson is the co-founder of Sol Spirit Farm in Trinity County with her husband Walter Wood. She is a passionate environmentalist and self-sufficiency advocate. She grows her own food and cannabis, and practices permaculture, natural building and community organization.

Dave Sandomeno is the farmer-owner of Sunrise Mountain Farms with his wife Lorelie. Their farms  is located deep within the mountains of Humboldt County, at an elevation of 2,500′. The unique microclimate and time tested regenerative cultivation methods contribute to the complex flavor profiles in their terpene-rich, sungrown flowers.

Jill Forman operates a small garden in the mountains of Willow Creek with her husband after living for years in the Bay Area. She finds the discipline, challenges and community required of this lifestyle to be both fulfilling and rewarding.

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