April 28 from 3pm-6pm on YouTube Future Cannabis Project Channel

Planting Seeds of Success Part 2

Fire Safety and Forest Resilience

The Future Cannabis Project will host WCCA and our guest speakers to discuss defensible spaces and how to harden a home to withstand wildfire exposure.


Joe Snipes
Forestscapes, LLC

Joe is a certified arborist, member of United States Forest Service resource advisory committee for Six Rivers National Forest, Humboldt County FLASH technician and FAA Drone Pilot. You can find him on Instagram @ForestscapesLLC or at www.forestscapesllc.com.

Phil O'Connor
Grouse Valley Farms, Redwood Rural Land Management

Phil is the owner of Grouse Valley Farms and Redwood Rural Land Management. He’s been a cultivator for over two decades, and a consultant since 2012 handling site planning, design, buildout, cultivation and distribution consulting. A 20-year Humboldt County resident, Phil loves being part of the cannabis community.

Jacques Neukom
Neukom Farms

Jacques Neukom is first and foremost a 27 year certified Organic fruit and Vegetable farmer on the valley floor in the Willow Creek Valley. He and his wife farm 19 acres of diverse orchard and row crops selling it all within 55 miles of the farm. Jacques has also been a volunteer with the Willow Creek Volunteer Fire Department for 10 years and is currently the assistant Chief of the department. Jacques and Amy diversified the farm with a 5000 square foot cannabis permit 4 years ago and are active members of the WCCA .

Drew Barber
East Mill Creek Farms, Uplift Cannabis Co-op

Drew is both a long-time cannabis cultivator (East Mill Creek Farms) and first responder/firefighter for 20+ years.  He currently serves as captain at Petrolia Fire Department. In response to the regulated cannabis economy, Drew organized a group of skilled cannabis farmers who became Uplift Cannabis Co-op in 2018, the first post regulation cannabis co-operative in California. Drew currently serves as Uplift’s board Chair. Drew sees the connection of fire management and neighborhood collaboration on prescribed burning as critical to the success of out-door – low-carbon footprint cannabis cultivation.

James Hardin
Bear Extraction House

James Hardin has been working with cannabis for 25 years and a resident of Humboldt County for most of the last 20. He currently manages the Bulk Flower Sales Department at the Bear Extraction House in Arcata. In 2008 he was caught in one of the largest forest fires the state of California has ever seen, losing his farm and almost his life in the process. He has worked in every facet of the industry and enjoys the challenges associated with learning how to navigate the prop 64 marketplace. He is an avid surfer and also co-hosts a monthly radio program called “Forward Humboldt” on KMUD. He is currently stationed in Los Angeles trying to get everyone the best prices on their flower.

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