Talking Trees farms

Perched at the top of the world, Talking Trees brings you organic, sustainable cannabis.

Craig Nejedly
Owner Operator

You use compostable packaging, can you tell us more?

The conservation of our planet is our #1 priority! We know how cannabis packaging contributes significantly to the overwhelming consumption of plastic and wanted to find a way to play our part as inhabitants of this planet, so we created 100% compostable packaging. Now for select products our customers will be able to use our packaging as compost in gardens, etc.

Lots of brands talk about sustainability. How do you practice it?

Talking Trees Farms is a sustainably focused brand that produces single source cannabis and cannabis products from our permitted farms in Humboldt County, CA. We cultivate using only organic methods and inputs and never uses chemical pesticides. We guarantee clean, safe cannabis! The farms grow using mostly rain catchment stored water and permitted wells; not draining any water from our natural streams, creeks or rivers.

You’re known for your solventless hash, tell us about that. 

The quality of bubble hash comes from the fact that our material is largely in-house, so we’re able to keep control of the quality. We use ice that we make from our own RO water and we freeze-dry the resin to prevent oxydization