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Willow Creek Cannabis Alliance Submits Comment to Marketing Assessment

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October 16, 2020–The Willow Creek Cannabis Alliance (WCCA) submitted its comment on the marketing assessment conducted by Humboldt County in collaboration with the Humboldt County Grower’s Alliance (HCGA).

As a regional trade association created out of necessity to provide representation for cultivators in northeastern Humboldt County and the surrounding mountain communities, WCCA appreciates the case studies presented in the marketing assessment and supports a regional marketing strategy as outlined in the assessment recommendations.

WCCA believes that the most successful way to promote, enhance, and protect Humboldt County’s reputation of producing exceptional cannabis is through regional marketing and the use of geographical indications. The marketing assessment illustrates how this strategy has been proven to successfully prioritize long-term, sustainable rural economic development and resist global trends towards corporatization, consolidation and commoditization. A regional marketing approach will highlight Humboldt County’s geographically unique export products and will benefit all of the cannabis producing-communities found in our county. 

“Using equitable and inclusive regional marketing creates a framework that directly connects the customer to the products and the place itself, and reinforces the world-renowned reputation that Humboldt County has for producing the highest quality craft cannabis,” says Linsey Jones, owner of Aloha Humboldt farm and founding member of WCCA.

Hannah Whyte, owner of Emerald Queen Farms and founding member of WCCA says that “We believe the county should support organizations and alliances run by cultivators, the stakeholders funding this marketing initiative. These cultivator run organizations, in collaboration with local government, will be able to tell their unique, cultural stories most effectively and showcase each and every diverse cannabis growing region of Humboldt.”

The WCCA indicated in its comment that Humboldt County’s marketing program will be more powerful if funded by all industry stakeholder including distributors, processors, manufacturers, retail partners and any other industry members should participate in funding the marketing of Humboldt County because all of Humboldt will benefit from the growth and increased prosperity that come from a unified regional marketing platform. 

It is essential, argues the WCCA, that before any organization must be well vetted before being allowed to work with the local government to implement the marketing initiative. Specifically, the WCCA argues that any organization should make visible at all times a complete list of members, board members and their bios, and any funding party’s identity be posted to their website,bylaws and policy handbooks. Additionally, the organization contracted to create marketing strategies should incorporate an internal advisory committee composed of representatives of each cultural and geographic region chosen by cultivation license holders.

The creation of cultural regional maps for cultivation license holders should represent the unique culturally influenced geographic boundaries within Humboldt County.

In summary, the WCCA endorses the recommendations laid out in the marketing assessment and recommends collaboration between industry stakeholders, local government, and well vetted regional trade organizations in perpetuity to ensure all geographically and culturally unique areas of the county are represented in the creation and management of a marketing campaign for Humboldt County cannabis. 



About the WCCA

The Willow Creek Cannabis Alliance (WCCA) is a voluntary association of local cannabis businesses to support the community and enhance awareness of the exceptional cannabis products crafted in the Willow Creek region and surrounding mountain communities.