Willow Creek Cannabis Alliance



An education series in collaboration with The Future Cannabis Project.

Listen and watch our Willow Creek farmers talk about their garden, their strains, and their passion for growing craft cannabis.

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Jacques and Amy, Neukom Farms

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Jill, Golden Gardens

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Judi and Walter, Sol Spirit

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Craig, Talking Trees

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Dave and Lorelie, Sunrise Mountain

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Linsey, Aloha Humboldt

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Halle & Micah, Humboldt Seed Company

Integrated Pest Management
for Cannabis Cultivation

With Matthew Gates, Russell Pace, Lauren Quackenbush and Riley Morrison.

Fire Preparedness and Forest Resilience

With Drew Barber, Yanna Valachovic, James Hardin, Jacques Neukom, Joe Snipes and Phil O’Connor,

Cultivar Selection

With Kevin Jodrey, Judi Nelson, Josh Rutherford, Linsey Jones and Nathaniel Pennington.

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